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Chef Tara trains in Sardinia, Italy

For two weeks, Chef Tara trained and ate her way through Italy! The Sardinians believe in using very minimal spices, and even limit the ingredients in the dish, as to keep the flavors pure and natural. While in Sardinia, Chef Tara learned how to make traditional Sardinian dishes and pastas.

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People’s Choice Winner at the Taste of Pro Football Hall of Fame 2018

The Pro Football Hall of Fame fundraiser is the food bank’s largest of the year. This year the event helped to raise enough money to provide almost a million meals!!! More than 20 restaurants, breweries, and wineries from Stark and surrounding counties served up drinks, appetizers, dinner and dessert for 600 guests!

Bringing home win number four for the team, Chef Tara and Chef Brandon served a Peppercorn Filet on a bed of Asiago Herbed Yukon Gold Whipped Potatoes with a Red Wine Demi Glace and topped with Crispy Onions, and paired it with a Smoked Old Fashioned.

If you were at the event, thank you! We love supporting the Food Bank, and had a blast! If you haven’t been to the Taste of the Pro Football Hall of Fame before, mark your calendars and join us next year. You will be guaranteed to have a great time, meet some amazing people, taste some delicious food, and support an incredible organization, the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank.