Sugar Valley Meats
2149 Dutch Valley Drive, Sugarcreek, Ohio  44681

Family owned and operated for over 23 years! Sugar Valley Meats was started in the fall of 1990 by Rueben and Sharon Erb. Being raised Amish, Rueben grew up in the business, as his own father provided custom processing on the family farm. When realizing that there was a need in the community for a locally owned meat market, Rueben purchased land from the family farm and began this well-known butcher shop. Watching it grow over the years, the building itself has expanded again in 2013. Rueben is proud to have his own family working along side of him to continue with the tradition of supplying the best quality products to the folks in the Tuscarawas County area and beyond.

ZOE Farms
5676 Faircrest ST SW, Canton, OH 44708

Their mission is to practice and promote increasingly sustainable systems of food production that improve the lives of our animals, our patrons and the environment. ZOE Farms is a family-owned, family-operated farm following globally recognized best practices in producing food the way nature intended.  They believe that food, when grown in accordance with the laws of natural systems, can heal our bodies and our lands at the same time. If that's not all, the taste is second to none. Here at SHY, Chef Tara loves using their farm fresh eggs in desserts, as well as topping off burgers and pig ears with a fried egg! 

Warther Cutlery
331 Karl Avenue, Dover, Ohio  44622

Ernest "Mooney" Warther began making knives in 1902 because he couldn't find a knife that would stay sharp while carving hard materials like walnut, bone and ivory. He researched what was the best steel to use and he created his own techniques for grinding the steel blade so it would keep its sharp edge. They still use the same specifications and techniques Mooney created. Combining these techniques with space age steel, they are able to create a superior quality knife. At SHY Cellars, we are happy to provide our guests with Warther steak knives, and use them in our kitchen.

Bosler's Bee Stuff
9679 Trail Bottom Rd NW, Dundee, Ohio

Local producers of bees, honey and other great hive products. They love that they are part of spreading pollination and helping the environment! At SHY, we use their honey and love it!

Shady Grove Greenhouse

Heather and Ken Cook live on 38 acres in Sherrodsville, OH. Out here, they love their land, they love their plants, and they love their animals. They believe in growing all of their produce naturally, and practice organic, sustainable farming. They want to bring the great flavor that comes along with growing naturally to you and your family. At SHY Cellars, we are happy to garnish our plates with their amazing micro greens.

Camp Tuscazoar
Zoarville, Ohio

Delicious, old-fashioned maple syrup produced right at Camp Tuscazoar! All proceeds directly benefit Camp Tuscazoar. Chef Tara loves using their syrup in desserts!


Sweetwater Farm
217 Buckeye St SW, Sugarcreek, OH 44681

Bert and Mary Hostetler are the owners and operators of Sweetwater Farm in Sugarcreek. All of their plants are grown from Non-GMO seeds and raised usingorganic practices and natural farming techniques instead of harsh chemicals. We love driving out there and picking up fresh vegetables and fruits for our guests enjoyment.


Hawaiian Fresh Seafood Company

Based out of Honalulu, Hawaii, we are proud to bring in FRESH fish shipped directly to us. They process and ship out on the SAME day as the fish are caught, and are overnighted to the kitchen at SHY Cellars. So, for being located in Ohio, you are guaranteed to have the freshest seafood as possible.

Tuscarawas Valley Farmer's Market
Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds, Dover Ohio

The Tuscarawas Valley Farmers Market is held each Wednesday from 3:00 to 7:00pm at the fairgrounds in Dover from June through mid-October. The Market is designed to bring together families, neighbors, visitors, and local food producers to create a sense of community and social gathering, enhancing our quality of life and strengthening our economy. They strive to serve culturally and economically diverse populations and to increase fresh, locally produced, nourishing, and safe foods for all people.

West Side Market

Only an hour and a half away, we love making trips up to Cleveland to go to the market. We love buying fresh and local meats, cheeses, pastas, breads, and other local offerings.