New Executive Chef

Change is inevitable. Take the seasons for instance, they change and there’s no way for us to stop them from changing from summer to winter. With the change brings new life, a fresh start, new beauty. Speaking of change...SHY Cellars has had some changes! Good changes. Really good changes.

If you've been in lately, you’ll see a familiar face in the kitchen, but in a white jacket. That’s right, Tara Schie, our daughter has taken over as our new Executive Chef! Tara still wears the hats of pastry chef and whatever needs done around our place! Lol!

With my recent accident, which is quite a boring story...slipped in garage and broke my pelvis...see, boring! You think I could come with a better or more exciting story like…”I went to Spain to fulfill a bucket list dream...running with the bulls !! I lost!” See what I mean?...doesn’t that sound more exciting!!??! Anyway, truth be told, sometimes it’s hard to accept change, even though you know you can’t stop it, it’s hard to let go of something and let the change happen...but who knows, it could be the best thing ever! That’s exactly where I am right now, accepting this new role change for me as well for Tara.

Tara has demonstrated great leadership of our team, growth in the kitchen as well as making great changes to our menu. She is just as passionate as I am about SHY Cellars and our vision. She’s constantly finding new local farmers and producers for her growing menu, which our guests are loving! Tara is continually investing in herself, her team and the overall SHY Cellars. Plus, since I’m taking on a different role and not in the kitchen 24/7, it’s allowed our entire team to grow. This change has been a great catalyst for everyone!   

Now, just because I’m not always in the kitchen, you’ll still be seeing me at the restaurant, especially on the weekends doing what I do best...hugging and spreading love to our guests!! 💖!  So, be sure to say hi and congratulations to Chef Tara the next time you visit us...and be sure to find me for your hug!



Tara Schie

Executive Chef



Chef Sherry