Owner and Creatrix Sherry Schie and Executive Chef Tara Schie are a mother daughter duo that have a passion for food and people. We believe in clean ingredients, pure flavors, and perfect execution.

Since Chef Tara’s culinary experience and training in Sardinia, Italy, she has been bringing more Italian influence to SHY Cellars. Focusing on fresh and quality ingredients, we are an authentic farm to table restaurant with an Italian fusion in Strasburg, Ohio.

Our menu is what we call, a "Fresh, Ever Changing Menu". It could change daily or weekly. This type of menu allows us to maintain our commitment to using locally produced and organic products.  Our dishes are inspired by what ingredients we can purchase locally, what we can grow on premise in our garden, or what Chef Tara learned and tasted in Italy. The Sardinian ingredients featured on the menu she experienced firsthand and visited the farms where they were produced. Interested in learning more about Sardinia or where Chef Tara visited? Just ask the next time you visit us at SHY!

At SHY Cellars, you will see there is an open kitchen, designed to enhance your dining experience. Guests are able to see every ingredient going into their dishes, and the passion our chefs have creating them. Everything fresh, from scratch, and always made to order. Do you have any food allergies or dietary needs our chefs need to be aware of? Let us know when making your reservation to ensure you and your guests will have the finest dining experience possible.

Here at SHY Cellars we gear our menu and our environment to an adult experience. We love children, but our dining room and wine tasting room is not conducive to small children. If your child has an adventurous palate and will enjoy the intimate dining experience, we welcome them to come and experience the SHY Cellars "Edible Experience."

At SHY Cellars, we want to exceed your expectations through the menu, the presentation, the taste and textures, as well as the atmosphere.

So join our passionate staff as we take you on an . . . Edible Experience!