What's Growing in Our Garden?


Did you know at SHY we have our own garden? This year, Chef Tara has planted:

Yellow and green beans, tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, purple and white eggplant, green peppers, sweet banana peppers, serrano peppers, parsley, rosemary, basil, oregano, and chives. 

We love using our fresh grown produce and herbs in as many creations as we can!

Upcoming Wine Tasting

The absence of sight awakens senses and changes your perception of taste and smell. Wine Tasting in the Dark will be a sensory experience. This experience will allow you to ignore colors, preconceptions of bottle or label design, and allow you to purely focus on your senses.

Date: November 7, 2018
Tickets go on sale October 1st


Vegetarian Specials & More

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Vegan? Vegetarian? Low Sodium? Gluten Free? Celiac? Food Allergies?

No problem, just let us know when making your reservation! Our chefs love to use their creativity and passion to create a one-of-a-kind dish made especially for you.