SHY Cellars is unexpected and surprising. Nurtured by hand and harvested with care, Executive Chef and Owner Sherry Schie’s dishes are traditional favorites paired with non traditional ingredients, preparation, and presentation. Each dish captures the essence of the local area and embraces the nature of the seasons.



Meet Executive Chef Sherry

Meet Owner and Executive Chef Sherry Schie. Her passion for food and people shine through every aspect of SHY Cellars. When you step into SHY Cellars, it is like stepping into her dining room, complete with a welcoming hug from her too! Working her way from the bottom up, she's won numerous awards, including Best Chef and was even on the Food Network's Guys Grocery Games! Leading the way, she has put together nothing short of an award winning team at SHY Cellars.

Fresh, Ever Changing Menu

We love breaking typical "restaurant rules" and offering our guests nothing short of the best food, drinks, and service. When you come to dine with us, you will notice SHY Cellars has an open kitchen. You will see everything going into your dish. Everything fresh, from scratch, and nothing frozen.  We like to keep things fresh with changing our menu weekly and sometimes daily. Vegan? Vegetarian? Low Sodium? Celiac? No problem, just let us know!

Artful Sips at SHY Cellars

Meet SHY Cellars Creative Director and Artist Tina Lawver. She has been painting for almost 30 years and shares a passion for people and creating. She believes art has to be honest and come from a "real place" rooted in the artists heart. Her work is inspired by natural elements, love of color, and illustration. Sharing the blessings of creativity with others is at the heart of who she is and what she does. Join us at Artful Sips once a month and let her guide you to create your original piece of art.